Archangel Gabrielle

Rob: Gabrielle, I sense that you would like to talk about the events of yesterday. It was a difficult day for me. Nothing seemed to be going right. I found my way through though. Do you have any insights to share?

Gabrielle: Thank you Rob. Yes, you have discerned correctly. I just wanted to follow up with you as a teaching opportunity. The events yesterday were put on your path as something of a test to give you the opportunity to react with love, trust, forgiveness, unity, compassion, and balance (i.e. the Keys to Heaven — Rob).

On the whole, you did pretty well. We still have issues to work through when you’re behind the wheel of a car. And, as you know, more often than not, the sense of angst you feel when driving is driven by your sense of being late, your sense of TIME. I need not remind you that there is no time. There is only the eternal Now. So when you’re driving, keep the keys to the kingdom of heaven close in your heart. Feel the love for all other drivers. Trust that they are fulfilling their own role on their own path, on their own timeline for the greatest good. Forgive them for what you perceive as inconsiderate behavior, but more importantly, forgive yourself for thinking that their behavior is inconsiderate. They’re just going about their day, same as you. Keep in mind the Unity Consciousness. You’re all one. No one’s out to get you. No one’s behaving that way intentionally to slight you. And, in the end, go through the trying situations from a position of balance.

You were forgetting things in the morning before you left as a result of feeling pressured by time. There is no time, so there is no pressure. You can bend time to your will as you need. So trust that it’ll all work out the way it’s supposed to.

I don’t come to you today, Rob, in any way to chastise you. As you know, we love you dearly. I only come to you to increase your awareness, to encourage you to maintain that place of peace and calm, keeping in mind the keys to the kingdom in all situations. This will be a skill that you will have to rely on to a far greater degree in the very near future.

Things are happening now, Rob, and they’re happening for YOU in your plan as well. You see this. You are fulfilling the role that you came here to perform. We could not be more pleased at your progress.

Throughout all that is coming, I just want you to focus on the Joy. When you’re in a place of joy, the other emotions and beliefs — the keys to the kingdom — are enabled. It’s far more difficult to maintain those attitudes and beliefs and attributes if you’re not in a state of Joy. As others have said previously, joy and love are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other. Love is the basis for all other feelings and attributes. It’s why it appears in the list first. You know this.

You have our love and our trust.

Rob: Thank you, Gabrielle. I will admit maintaining a sense of joy through the turmoil can be difficult. But I understand at least for where I am now, feeling that sense of joy continuously is a conscious effort, and I will endeavor to be more conscious of this, of my feelings and attitudes, as I walk this path. Thank you for the reminder.