Rob: I invite in El Morya. I pulled the card today on Wisdom. Perhaps you have something to tell me regarding that.

El Morya: Thank you, Rob, for inviting me today. It’s true, one of the themes of the day is to just BE. For those on planet Earth, this is a central aspect of the wisdom you need to learn. Actually, it’s not learning so much as realizing you already know this. If you could just get out of your way long enough to realize it.

And when we say just BE, that means to KNOW your connection with the Divine, with the Infinite. Connection is not something you need to develop. The connection is always there. Get out of the way and FEEL the connection. Know at the deepest core of your being that that connection is actually who you are.

Regarding the notion of “doing,” there’s nothing wrong with taking active steps as you are guided BY your connection to further the Mother’s plan. But just being here and realizing that connection is allowing you to influence all those around you, even those you don’t see, to understand their own connection.

Rob: Thank you, El Morya. Is there anything else to share?

El Morya: That’s enough for now. You all are doing wonderfully. It’s enough to just get together and share yourselves with each other. That’s part of the connection. Go with my love.

Rob: Thank you!