Archangel Gabrielle

Rob: Gabrielle, thank you for sending the card of Joy again.  It was a good reminder for me. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed — lots of things to do. I just need to get about doing them. I still have some worries about the coming changes. Am I prepared enough? Do you have any advice to share?

AA Gabrielle: Thank you, Rob, for inviting me. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you. It’s always a pleasure to talk to anyone who chooses. This is my role as the Lily of Love, the Golden Trumpet. One of my primary roles is to be the communicator for the Throne of Heaven, so, again, it’s always my pleasure to welcome all to have such a conversation at any time of your choosing. I am always here. I’m always available.

And, Rob, please be at peace about the coming changes. They are a time of great excitement. All on this side of the very thin veil now are so excited about the events that are upcoming, and we understand that the base portions of you, the portions that are worried about survival, are concerned about the events. You need not be. And please don’t let the ego drive you to put pressure on yourself to do things that you’re not comfortable doing. Relax. You will be taken care of. The lilies of the field do not toil, and yet they stand in their beauty, bringing joy to all who witness.

As you know, Joy is a choice. Just allow yourself to feel the joy in all situations and to understand that all that is happening is for your greatest good and the greatest good of all. If you are moved to take a particular action, then, by all means, please do so. Please don’t feel obligated that you have to do this … or else! … as if the “else” was not being able to feel joy!

Joy has nothing to do (or very little to do) with what happens around you. Joy is an internal attitude. It’s something you can feel at all times and is closely associated with the feelings of love. You have learned the process to feel the love in your heart, breathe it up with the in breath, and breathe it out to all on the out breath. The same is true for Joy. As you feel the love, feel the Joy that accompanies that feeling. Love is inherently joyful. If you are feeling love in your heart, then the joy is present as well.

So do not worry about the future. The events that will transpire constitute what you came here to do. So be in joy that you are fulfilling your mission. How could it be any other way?

As many have said, it won’t be long now. And we understand that our concept of time and your concept of time may be two different things. We are basing our judgments of “soon” and “not long” based on the energy of the collective of humanity and whether you are ready for the events to transpire. You are moving closer and closer each and every day.

Perhaps today in the quiet time at work, you can practice the breathing exercise: breathe in the joy, hold it in your heart, and breathe it out to all that you see.

Again, you are free to call on me or anyone from the Company of Heaven at any time you choose. Take care, Rob. We love you.

Rob: Thank you, Gabi. I love you too.