Archangel Jophiel

I am Jophiel, the bringer of the future. There is so much angst in the world right now about what the future will bring. So much of it is unnecessary. The future will come exactly as it is meant to be.

Your role as the Guardians and Champions of Truth is to just BE. Be yourself. As Gabrielle has said previously, be that demonstration of Truth. If you do this, the future will take care of itself.

So much that you see is not of the Truth, but do not worry about it. Events are unfolding to encourage people to wake up to the truth that they are. That must first come by questioning what they see around them, which encourages them to go within and to seek answers from the only place that is meaningful. This is where they discover — or relearn — their spiritual selves. This is all they need. This is all anyone needs — the realization of who they are.

We are all One, and when people come to that understanding, conflict will disappear as people come to understand that holding any ill-will against another is really doing so to themselves. And as they understand the futility of that, then it will cease.

This is the hope of the future, and it WILL be. The Father and the Mother have willed it to be so, and it will be!

So go in peace with the understanding that all is well, because all is Love. You are deeply loved, and that will never change. Take care of yourselves. Farewell.