Divine Mother Mary

Rob: Mother, do you have a message for me today?

Divine Mother: Thank you,  my dear one, love of my heart. You are already feeling the changes that are coming, that have already started. And you are realizing with much more clarity what your role will be, and that is simply to be the love in all situations. You are not here to save anyone else. You are simply here to show others the way. Endeavor to be the love in all situations that arise.

We are so pleased with your progress! And yes, you may still have events that you believe are setbacks, but they are not. The events that happen in your life — all the events that happen in your life — are meant to show you what Love feels like, what love looks like. And sometimes the best way to show you that is to show you what it is not … and to demonstrate just how many opportunities there really are to show love at all points of time and all interactions. Set aside any feelings of failure. There is no such thing.

I love you to the end of the universe and back. As Gabrielle said recently, “I give you the Hug of the Ages,” so that you know I am always with you.

You have a feeling that I am somehow less approachable than all others in the Council of Love, but this is not true. All within the Council will tell you this, because it is true. I am as close as your breath. With every breath in, feel my love. With every breath out, share it with the world.

Keep it light! Keep it fun! And keep your sense of patience! All is unfolding in its own divine time, in my time, according to my plan. And while it may seem very fluid and changing all the time — and in many respects, it is — all is unfolding according to the plan, exactly as it should. Trust in that! Know that!

The exercise you did recently at the water’s edge of the Chesapeake Bay was a tremendous example of the activity that we would dearly love to see you undertake more often. And [your primary guide] gave you the perfect message — 2023 will be a year of tremendous progress in bringing the Cities of Light of the Seventh Dimension closer to your reality. The ritual you performed at the water’s edge helped tremendously!

You’re aware that the City of Light devoted to governance may take a bit longer than some of the others because of the recalcitrance of so many in your current government structure. Much will have to be cleaned and people will have to make the mental shift, the emotional shift, away from the need for a central government and learn to assume control themselves, based on the understanding that they, in their Divine Authority, hold the power. Governance will shift to a far more local level — smaller councils where voices can be more readily heard … and heeded.

But your work to envision the City of Light is exactly right. The energy builds from the bottom up in order to draw the City of Light down. It isn’t something that happens external to you. It is you who manifest the city, all the Cities of Light. And while it is nice for you to perform the ritual at the water’s edge, it’s not always necessary. You can do that from the comfort of your own home.

You’ve seen it. Envision the light building from the water up into the sky. Every time you do that, it powers the engine for the manifestation of the city. And you are each building your own residence in that city. As more and more of you see that and feel that within yourselves, more clearly, the City of Light itself will manifest itself in your physical experience. We are thrilled at the potential!

Carry on. You are doing wonderfully. I will reiterate, above all, have fun! This is a time of great joy, of celebration! Allow yourself to accept the love, the admiration, from all in the Council of Love and beyond. Feel it in the Hug of the Ages! Go with my love.

Rob: Thank you, Mother.