Archangel Uriel

Uriel: Thank you for inviting me. Thank you for allowing me to join your group. This is a time of celebration, of Joy! Humanity is making the shift. It’s happening now. It’s inevitable. It will build throughout the year, like the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill, getting bigger and bigger.

Those of you on the ground, our Lightworkers, our team, you’re at the forefront … or perhaps it’s in the rear, pushing the snowball! It is the time to expand yourselves to create Nova Earth. She is already here in large part, but the details are left up to you, whatever you choose to create, however you choose that to manifest.

Rob, You have been focused lately on the City of Light over the Chesapeake Bay. Please continue. You are correct in your understanding that it is YOU, all of humanity, who are bringing that to fruition, to make it manifest in the experience of those who open themselves to see it. You ARE building the city … with your beliefs, with your own creations. And the beauty is you can create there anything you desire, no matter how wild or extravagant it may seem, because it’s all there for you to enjoy — whatever makes you happy. You can have that. Believe it. Don’t hold back. As the Mother has said before, dream big! Again, this is a time of celebration.

Rob: Uriel, is there something in particular that I should focus on for the coming year?

Uriel: Finish the work to get your business arrangements in order. But don’t worry about it. It will come in its own divine time. It’s more important that you just have fun. Every day should be an experience of joy. Allow that to happen!

Be a helpmeet to all that you encounter. Nothing will bring you greater joy! It’s time to be more vocal, more forthright, more open about the wisdom you hold within you … and that goes for all of you.

This is a time where we, the Council of Love, are sending you all out to the world to proclaim the good news. It is your time. It is OUR time. It is the time of the fulfillment of the Mother’s Divine Plan, and you are leading that. So go with our blessings and our eternal gratitude, but above all, have fun doing it! Go with our love and thank you.