Master Quan Yin

[When preparing for the session, I pulled one of the Council of Love Sacred Inspiration cards — it was Archangel Gabrielle’s card on Joy … but it was Quan Yin who showed up to talk about it! 😉]

Rob: So, Quan Yin, to what do I owe this honor?

Quan Yin: I’m coming today, Rob, because of the card that you pulled — the card of Joy. And we always have so much fun riding on the Dragon.

The point is, to expand on the point that Raphael recently made, the expression of Love is an expression of Joy. In all things, feel the Joy that is present. It’s always there, but too often we find other things to focus on. But the Joy is always there for discovery, because love is always there. Love is all there is, and Joy is what results in acknowledging that.

And it’s much easier to feel that sense of joy when you’re in nature, when you’re witnessing the beauty, the majesty of Gaia. But you don’t have to be in it. You can experience it right here, right now, anytime you choose. It’s all a matter of what you focus on. You are Love, and the experience of Love is Joy. So how can you not feel that all the time?

The symbol of me with the dragon is simply a means to remind you of the joy that you can experience anytime you want. Just hop on board and let’s go fly through the clouds, down through the valleys, up to the mountain heights, wherever you desire. It’s freedom, and you are free to feel that Joy anytime you choose. But the point is you have to choose, but it’s as simple as that. Stop worrying about the future. Stop regretting the past. The only thing that matters is right here, right now. You are Love incarnate, and that is an expression of sheer, utter Joy!

Rob: May I ask you a question?

Quan Yin: Please.

Rob: Do I have my own dragon? And if so, what’s the dragon’s name?

Quan Yin: I wouldn’t say you have your own dragon, but one is always available to you.

Rob: I sense that it’s iridescent green. I guess that’s appropriate. His name … I’m getting Jeoffrey.

Can Jeoffrey help me clear my path forward? I know dragons are wonderful for healing.

Quan Yin: Absolutely. It’s all a matter of hopping on board and going where you want to go. The beauty of flying is there are no obstacles. The obstacles before you are your own invention. In some respects, they’re placed there by yourself. The simplest way to get out of the way of all obstacles is to hop on the dragon and just go over them, because they’re not of any consequence.

Rob: Thank you so much.

Quan Yin: Thank you.