Archangel Uriel

Rob: I’m getting the impression it’s either Archangel Uriel … or maybe Wa’kana’taka, based on a recent discussion … I guess it’s going to be Uriel — Wa’kana’taka is not an overly chatty fella! 😉

Welcome, Uriel.

AA Uriel: Thank you, Rob, for inviting me. Yes, I’m Uriel. You can always call on me. I am always here for you. We have an affinity.

And today I’m happy to talk to you about the topic on the card you drew, the topic of charity. It’s really, at its core, the whole notion of giving of yourself, whatever your gifts are, to share them with all others for they’re not really your gifts alone. They are meant for everyone, and it doesn’t matter what it is. It is simply going through life in a spirit of helpfulness — lending a helping hand, even a kind gesture. It’s giving of yourself and allowing the love that’s in your heart to flow to the other. It’s as simple as that.

And yet, the effect is so profound, far more than you currently realize. You often walk through life thinking you’re not actually doing enough, but you are so incredibly charitable with your time and your talents. They may seem like small things, but if it relieves anyone of any sense of burden they may have, then it’s an expression of love. And that is what you are here to do in all cases, so it is well worth the effort. And again, the impact is tremendous. The ripples continue on far wider than you understand.

But you’re right in your thinking that it doesn’t matter whether you understand. Just know that it is, and that’s enough. THAT is the spirit of charity. And we commend you for your willingness to play your part.

Rob: May I ask you a question, Uriel?

AA Uriel: Certainly.

Rob: I know what my task is for 2023, and I’m wondering if you could add to it, maybe something that I don’t know that would be very beneficial for my future and for the path of this year?

AA Uriel: I don’t know that you don’t know this, but I will reiterate. This is the time to get yourself OUT there. Finish taking the steps that you’ve already undertaken to make your presence known far broader than you have to this point. This is the time for which you came, for which you have been preparing. And you are well prepared. You’re not waiting on anything else — no new skills, no new abilities, no additional knowledge. It’s all within you, and you are well prepared. Just step forward in confidence with the fortitude that you well know you possess.

Rob: Thank you, Uriel.