Master Sanat Kumara

Rob: Welcome, Sanat Kumara.

Sanat Kumara: Thank you, Rob. This is a lovely place you’ve got here, as we walk around the cloister. Yes, this is Sanat Kumara, and I know you’re somewhat intimidated, shall I say, about the whole notion of me being the Universal Logos. Don’t worry about it. I’m just another government administrator. 😉

So this whole notion of permanently anchoring in your heart, you know we wouldn’t be having this conversation if you weren’t. In fact, for many, many years, even before you considered yourself on the spiritual path, you listened to the “wee, small voice” inside of you. You listened to that voice without understanding that that is coming from your heart. That is, in order to even hear it, you are anchored there, in what we call your heart.

When we say anchored in your heart, it really means operating from the core of your being, the center of who you are, in reality, not this physical form, beyond all that. And in order to have a conversation with anyone else in the spiritual realm, you are doing so from your core, from your heart. So you have always lived in your heart to some degree. In those quiet moments, when you’re not quite so busy and running around and have a hundred things to do, when you sit quietly with yourself, and you listen to that voice, you’re in your heart.

So the question of how do you do that permanently, there’s no such thing otherwise.

But what you are learning now, Rob, is how to project yourself from your heart outward to all others and to consciously connect with others. As I’ve been saying, you’ve been doing this, I’ll call it, unconsciously for a very long time. So the exercise of dropping into your heart is simply a mechanism for you to accept in your day-to-day walk of life that you are, in fact, always connected from your heart to all other living beings. Even those that seem inanimate have a life, are animated by the energy of the universe, which is, at its core, Love.

It’s as simple as that. We say it all the time. We don’t know why humans have to make all of these concepts so difficult.

Yes, living from your heart means FEELING first. Feel the emotion. The blessings of humans in this universe is that you deeply, deeply feel your emotions. The trouble is you let them run away, run away from you, get out of control. (So a hint for next time, the notion of discipline really centers on your emotions. 😉 ) So you are learning how to reach out to others and to allow yourself to feel, feel for another, and that connection only happens from a foundation of love. If you don’t love another, you can’t communicate on that level. And you can’t love another, until you love yourself and understand that that core of who YOU are is also Love.

I’m feeling like this is all getting complicated again, so I should end it here and leave you with that simple thought. There’s a reason that we talk about love from the heart, from your core. It’s who you are. It’s who ALL of you are.

So with that, I’ll leave you with MY love. Thank you, Rob.