[Humfire is my primary guide, but I teasingly, but lovingly, refer to him as Humphries. — Rob]

Primary Guide Humfire (Humphries)

Rob: Yeah, I’m definitely feeling Humphries … Humfire, as he is actually known.

Welcome Humphries. Thank you once again for joining me. I wonder if you have any guidance for me today. So I said I don’t have any particular, burning question. I did have that new and strange experience of seeing an orange fire up above me while I was preparing. What is that?

Humphries: Thank you, Rob. Once again, we are here in our spot, and, yes, it should be obvious to you — the fire you saw was ME. I am, after all, called Humfire! You had asked previously, months ago, for some kind of indication — a visual or a sensation of energy — some kind of indicator of who you’re going to channel, of who was coming through. This was my way of showing you how that can happen.

It’s an indicator, Rob, that you are progressing in your abilities to see, to hear, to sense, to feel, when in a meditative state. It’s all a matter, as is true for everything, of letting go, of surrendering, of allowing.

You so often characterize yourself as being in your head, not in your heart. In reality, this is not true. It cannot be true, or we wouldn’t be having this conversation. The whole notion of dropping into your heart as you say is simply an act of surrender. Just let it happen. You are always connected from your heart to all others. You’re heart-connected now with your teammates, even with other team members who aren’t present.

If I could add to the conversation about Sacred Partnership, yes, it begins with yourself. And the primary focus for yourself is that act of surrender, of allowing it to happen. But the partnership with others, with your teammates, it is a Sacred Partnership. It is filled with unconditional love for each other, for allowing each other the space to allow themselves to emerge.

We said it previously: society, as it is developing into the fifth dimensional space, is characterized by this kind of partnership and relationship with all others. So again, if you are questioning what will life be like after the transition, the Ascension, you are living it now! … here, in these meetings, or even in just your thoughts and your feelings of your teammates, whether you’re actually meeting face-to-face or not. The connection is always there. This is, in fact, a Sacred Partnership, a sacred undertaking. Honor that, as you honor each other.

We are coming to the end of this particular phase of our adventure. This transition to the higher dimensional realms, realities, it’s all happening. And again, if I leave you with nothing else today, it is the notion that it all happens as soon as you allow it, as soon as you surrender to it, for in reality, it’s already happened.

Once you surrender, then life in your physical reality becomes far more fun, because it is far more meaningful. Allow the Joy … and it will be!

That’s all I really wanted to say today. Thank you so much for calling me. I’ll see you “in the ethers.” Take care, all. Farewell.