As a consequence of the fires on Maui, several channelers commented on the spiritual significance of the tragedy and the future return of the ancient Lemurian heritage.  I was intrigued by this idea, so I asked my spirit guides to help me visualize the higher dimensional City of Light over the Hawaiian islands, especially as it coincided with the ancient Lemurian traditions.  With the assistance of Archangel Uriel (and his Silver Flame of Illumination) and two of my personal guides, Humfire and Wakana’taka (since both appear to me as being of indigenous peoples heritage), I experienced an extremely detailed image of a “temple.”  Really, it’s a gathering or meeting place.  While the imagery of the place was very vivid, I was unsure of the purpose of what I saw, so the next day I channeled Wakana’taka to ask for an explanation of the purpose and significance of the building and its features.  He did not disappoint!

What follows are excerpts from my initial meditation (which I thankfully recorded aloud) followed by the subsequent channeling.

“Rob:  I asked Archangel Uriel to help me with a vision.  My guides, Humfire and Wakana’taka, join him.

“I wish to envision the City of Light and, in particular, the temples that exist above Hawaii and Maui.  I wish to add my energy, my love, to the efforts of so many to manifest the City of Light, to quicken its appearance above the sacred lands of Maui, the ancestral home of the royalty of the Hawaiian people, going back to its roots in Lemuria.  I ask for your assistance and showing me the visions of the City of Light and the temples.

“I peer into a “looking glass” formed from Uriel’s Silver Flame of Illumination, strengthened with the energy of Humfire and Wakana’taka. 

“I see the deep green of the mountainous terrain, the sharp spikes of mountains jutting upward.  I see people gathering about a temple.  They appear to be dressed in white, loose, flowing clothing (linens) — shirts that are long sleeve.  Some are half length.  Some are sleeveless.  They are barefooted.  They have dark, black hair — very straight.

“The temple is a platform or sits atop a platform.  The platform is rather large, made of earth, encapsulated in stone.  On each of the four sides is a staircase, again made of stone.  The sides up to the corners are vertical standing stones.  The interior is all filled with earth.

“Sitting atop the platform is a simple structure made of wood or a timber frame log structure.  The walls, half walls, are made of woven palm fronds.  At the front and back of the temple the roofline curves up like the bow and the stern of a boat.  The top portion of the wall is open but under the overhang of the roof on all four sides.

“As I was expanding my vision outward of the temple complex, I realized that the roof line of the overall temple has four gables, [each] above the entrance on each side.  So while I said the front and back of the temple is raised as the bow and the stern of a boat, the same is true for each of the two sides.  It’s a rather complex roofline.  So the roof line pitches up on the north side, the south side, the east side, and the west side, such that none of the sides are any greater or less than any of the others.

“In the interior, in the center of the room is another raised platform, and in the center of that platform, there is statue — or sculpture, rather.  A circle, four circles, each facing outward towards the steps of that particular side of the temple platform.  Each of the circles is made of gold.  There’s one even below at the bottom of the four-square set of circles and one at the top, forming a cube, four circles on each side.

“It operates very much like this looking glass that I’m looking through now.  It allows the people on each side around the central platform looking up at these golden circles to see visions.  The one in the top receives energy.  The circle at the top and the one at the bottom stream energy from above and below to power the four circles on each side.  The four circles and, in fact, the entire temple is oriented to the cardinal directions, north, south, east, and west.

“The people can come in and sit on each side of the temple on the ground, allowing them to commune as a group to receive the energy from the temple while at the same time contributing to it.  And the four sides, each correspond to the tribes that represent each of those four quadrants — tribes to the north, to the south, to the east, and to the west.

“And this temple serves as the heart, the heart portal of the entire planet.  And the people of Lemuria come here to meditate, to commune, empowering the life force of all peoples on the planet, of nature as a whole.”

I was so excited about seeing this vision, as unexpected as it was, so I had to start drawing it, not only so I wouldn’t forget, but also to help others visualize what I saw.  Included below are several drawings showing various views of what I saw, augmented with photographs of existing Polynesian structures that exhibit elements within the vision.  The proportions may not be accurate (I’m by no means an architect!), but hopefully, this is enough to make it clear.

Top View Front View
As for the purpose of the “temple” complex, Wakana’taka had this to say:

“Rob:  I’m seeing Wakana’taka standing on the top step of the platform of this Lemurian temple — it’s more like a meeting place.  There’s two levels of a platform with each face — it’s a square — each face oriented to the cardinal directions, with stairs going up each side to the center.  I join him at the top, standing in front of the building.  We walk inside.  There’s a large crystal right in the center of the room, and it’s on a pedestal.  There’s a hole in the ceiling right above it, with the sunlight streaming in onto a crystal mounted in the center.  We take our place, seated on the floor, along with many others already there.  We are allowing the energy to just stream in, filling us up.  There’s this feeling of a swaying motion.

“So, Wakana’taka, can you share the significance of this scene, this event, what we are participating in?

“Wakana’taka:  Welcome, Rob. 

“It’s been a long time coming, getting back to this place, this center.  This was the nature of a particular ceremony.  As you said, it’s not so much a temple as it is a gathering place.  Each of the doorways, oriented to north, south, east, and west are invitations to all the peoples in each of those directions to come together, here, as one, to join hearts in the energy of Gaia.

“There’s nothing, in particular, to do — not at this stage.  Before any meeting, any discussion, convening of councils, all would come and drink of the energy from the mighty crystal, amplifying the light, the love, the energy of the sun entering directly into our hearts, helping all to achieve the place of peace, that place of connectedness to understand that we are, in fact, all one.

“This is so important for any meeting of individuals, coming together in council.  None are greater than any other, just as each of the cardinal directions are no greater than any other.  It would ensure that all are in the right frame of mind, as it were, but really, the right feeling of heart, before any council would begin.  This was the way of the past, and it will be the way of the future.

“We just wanted to show you, to allow you to experience the preparation that must occur prior to any such meeting.  Any discussions that affect the people should all come from a place of unity, for none are greater than any other.

“Do you have any questions for me?

“Rob:  I have heard that Hawaii is considered the heart of the world, and I wondered if you could talk a little bit about that?

“Wakana’taka:  There are natural energy centers spread around the world.  And yes, this portion of Lemuria, one of the remnants being the islands of Hawaii, was considered the equivalent of the Heart Chakra of the planet.  There are a number of other sacred sites around the world that represent other chakras.

“So many have felt as they come to the islands and, in particular, to the temple spaces on Maui, [that] the aloha spirit is alive.  Yet today, many people feel this as they arrive.  This is why it is such a favorite vacation destination.  Just being on island, absorbing the energy that is there, allows one to feel what it’s like to be connected, connected to Gaia and connected to all others.

“Does that answer your question?

“Rob:  Beautifully, yes.  Thank you.

“Wakana’taka:  Thank you.  And may all share in the blessings of this connection and feel the energy of the ancient crystals —they are returning.  Farewell.”

Gold Rings, Crystal

It’s clear that the world today could use the wisdom of the ancients.  May such a meeting place be re-established in the Lemuria ancestral homeland to serve as a hub for the flow of energy from the heart of Gaia, to restore the planet to full health and beauty and vibrancy, such that planet Gaia be restored to be the playground for angels in form.  And so it is.