Rob: So, James, thank you for joining me. Since I drew the card on Prudence, do you have anything to share, any words of wisdom, that I might need in going forward?

James: Thank you for answering my call. Yes, I do have some words to share about Prudence. It is really, as your teammate said, a point of decision, of discernment, when faced with any decision. Should I do this? Should I not?

For you in particular, you have been feeling somewhat, I would say, guilty about choices that you are making. First, I want to say let that go. There’s no such thing as a wrong decision. But having said that, if the result of a decision is that you feel in any way uncomfortable about it, then it does bring up the point of applying Prudence to help decide. As was said, is this something that will bring me Joy and Peace and that feeling of being at ease?

So, most often for you the questions that arise for you are about what you are eating. Should I have this dessert? Should I have this snack? None of it really matters. There’s nothing life-threatening. There is no decision that involves life or death. But if you’re not comfortable with yourself, and it makes everything else so much more difficult, it raises questions about whether you’re doing the right thing in so many areas.

So when you’re faced with those decisions, stop. Ask yourself, “Is this of balance? Do I need this? Is it necessary to move me forward, where I wish to go?” It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks. The only consideration is how it makes you feel. If you are happy with it, go for it. There’s no guilt involved. No shame. No second guessing. Be comfortable with your decision.

But, on the other hand, if that “wee, small voice” tells you you don’t need this, then let it go. Walk away. Yes, it involves discernment … which is really the act of simply listening to that voice inside you. It’s always there. Just tune in.

This is your point of focus now, that is, tuning in on a regular basis throughout your day … as often as you think about it. Tune in to your guides, to all of us. Allow us to walk with you consciously. Your guides are never not with you, but you don’t tune in as regularly as you could, perhaps should. Again, this comes down to a point of prudence and discernment.

You are doing very well at this time to watch the events of the world unfold as a detached observer. But you can also tune in at all points to connect, to join, conjoin, with your guides, to simply get guidance on what should I do with the information I’m receiving now, for what is unfolding. What is it that I should be focused on? Again, you are doing very well to just allow, to get into the flow, and let events unfold as they will, without emotion, without being overly concerned. We applaud you for this!

So that’s really all I had to say. Just a bit of encouragement as you join with your teammates. I wish you all well. It is such a pleasure to witness your conjoining, your Sacred Union, each and every week. Take care, all. Farewell.