Master Yeshua; Jesus

Rob: Yeshi, I wonder if you have anything to say, any guidance to give me, about my questions about how to bring Spirit into my daily life in a more conscious way. [He’s kind of laughing at me.]

Yeshua/Yeshi: Thank you, Rob. It’s always such a pleasure to talk with you … to you and your teammates. Your question is rooted in the concept, the idea, of how to bring forth Spirit into daily life, being human, with it’s so many distractions in just day-to-day living. So first, you are well aware you are always connected to Spirit. So it isn’t really a question of whether you are connected or how to connect. That just is. Your question is really about how you do that consciously.

And yes, as you surmised previously, much of the answer is to just do it. It takes practice. So, at all points, anytime you feel any kind of angst or concern, that is a time to bring the Spirit into your conscious awareness. Breathe into the situation. Drop into your heart. Feel the Love; breathe it out to the situation. It’s as simple as that. Your intention, your purpose for doing so will direct the love to where it needs to go. You’re not necessarily trying to drive a particular outcome. Just breathe the Love to manifest the highest good of all, of all concerned. That is enough.

You have started the practice — rightfully so — to set an intention every day, as you start your day, to become consciously aware throughout the day of your connection to Spirit and how to manifest that every day. That is a wonderful practice. Please continue to do so.

But anytime through the day, whether there’s anything negative happening around you — at least your perception of that — or just any time that it occurs to you — being in nature, out in your garden, taking care of the chores around the house, whatever it may be — just breathe the Love. The inspirations will come to you. Again it takes practice. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

There are so many distractions while in human form. We all understand how difficult it can be to pull yourself back into the awareness of Spirit. But you can do so with a little practice, a little effort. It’s not a lot. This should not be anything that’s exhausting. If you feel tired at the end of the day, then you’ve way overdone it!

At the end of the day, you should be able to look back on all the events and say to yourself, “This was a good day. I had fun!” Enjoy it while you are here. There’s so much to be thankful for.

Whenever you’re having a family get-together, these are wonderful expressions of the love of Spirit. Have fun with them! Connect. Use the opportunities to connect with all family members, friends. These are the opportunities to manifest Spirit in a more grand way, for it’s always there. It’s just a matter of taking the opportunities.

Again, even in these sessions with teammates, you are connecting — you are already connected! THIS is a GOOD day. Have fun. Farewell.