Personal Guide Malia

Rob: Since we’re talking about purity, Malia, what is it that I should know about purity today?

Malia: Hi, Rob, so nice of you to join me again!

The simple answer is that’s what you ARE! At the very heart, your very heart, is the energy of purity found in the Mother’s Divine Radiance. This is true of all who are there.

Yes, it is the color of pearlescent white. This is a particular color for you, a symbol for you. Years ago, when doing the Warehouse of Heaven meditation, you saw the color of pearlescent white, and you have always held it close as a symbol for guiding you. You’ve had some struggles with this, thinking of yourself as not being in some way pure — your thoughts or your actions, your deeds. But none of that is true.

At the end of the day, Ascension, as you have come to know it and continue to learn, it’s really about returning to that state of purity — everyone returning to that state, society returning to that state.

The Mother does not create that which is not pure. And you are all the creation of the Mother. How could you not be?

So regardless of what appears to be so in the external world, know that at your core is nothing but the pure white light of the Mother’s Love, that which animates you and everything else.

It’s such a simple concept, but it’s so difficult for humans to accept. If you see something that appears to be not of purity, then that is your primary indicator that it’s not real. Again, this is so simple.

And in that thought, one finds peace and harmony with all others, with all that is seemingly outside of you. So as you breathe in the Love and breathe it back out, breathe it as the pure white light of the Mother’s Love, flowing through you.

With that, I sense that others may have a question.

Teammate: I do, actually. Thank you. There seems to be a misconception with humanity, looking at the word purity as perfection. And I’m wondering how we can change that perspective.

Malia: As an alternative to perfection, I would offer, suggest, you rather think of it in terms of innocence — the original purity of an innocent newborn, a new creation, it matters not what it is. It is innocent at the time of creation, and that innocence is born in the purity of the Mother’s Love. So it really is a return from whence you came. Does that help?

Teammate: It does to an extent. I understand the concept of the purity and the going back to the purest form. I suppose there’s just a lot of conflict around knowing what is real and what is illusion for people when it comes to purity … of how they can discern what is real and what is illusion.

Malia: The sense of purity being a reflection of perfection, at least from a human perspective, is often couched in judgment — to use a popular phrase in government these days, a weaponization of the word. Again, all at their core are pure. Everything else that does not appear to be pure is an illusion or a false belief that is temporarily held by those particular individuals … and it is not real since it is not lasting. Nothing that is unreal can last.

So in terms of helping others to reframe the notion of purity, that is very difficult. It’s as difficult as getting people to let go or to accept the idea that so much around them is, in fact, illusion. So we tend not to use purity as the primary teaching tool.

But I am here to tell you, it is there, and it is who you are. It is who everyone is! It is simply a matter of getting them to accept that point. And as we all know, that’s been a rather long journey.

I hope that helps.

Teammate: It does. Thank you.

Malia: And thank you. Thank you all. Thank you for giving Rob an opportunity to connect, to find the love within himself. With that, I bid you the fondest farewells. Thank you.