Archangel Uriel

Rob: I see Uriel coming to me from my right. He’s dressed in all white. He’s bright! He sits on the bench next to me. He holds out in his left hand [the] Silver Flame of Illumination. He hands it to me. I have it in my right hand.

So, Uriel, thank you for joining me. I seem to be drawing the same card all week — the card of Wisdom — and I’m not sure why. Can you shed any light on that?

AA Uriel: Yes, you know I can! But so can you — that light of Illumination exists within you as well. We are happy to help anytime you ask. But understand that you have the power within you to answer your own questions.

The card of Wisdom is our way of encouraging you. Yes, you possess the wisdom. You all do. Never doubt that. Again, you have it within you — that wisdom, that knowing, to answer all the questions you have. We dearly love it when you ask us to assist, and we will join WITH you to address the clarity you seek.

It’s all a matter of feeling that Divine Radiance within yourself. Yes, the Divine Radiance emanates from the Mother, but it exists within your own Tri-flame. It’s what animates your own internal light. And it doesn’t matter how you see that light, whether it’s a tri-flame — and I know this is difficult for you — so see it is a brilliant, white light. It doesn’t matter how you see it. Feel it and know that it comes from the Mother, the same which animates all life, all existence in the universe.

This is the basis of your connection with all. The light within you is the light within all.

So to expand on what has already been said, any notion of healing (a desire for healing) is simply a matter of pulling that light up, feeling that love behind that light — for light and love are the same substance — and intentionally directing it where you want it to go, whether that is healing your body physically, healing a relationship that has gone awry, or softening a new relationship of negotiation. It matters not. It’s all the same.

The whole notion of harmonizing, as has been said, is simply feeling that light within you, your own Divine Radiance, which is part and parcel of the Mother’s, extending it out to other (whatever the other is), feeling that, bringing it into your field, and holding the intention to bring that back into alignment with the Divine Radiance of the Mother. It’s as simple as that!

In your own thoughts on “alignment,” you are correct in that it is the alignment of your will with the Divine Will, but I am here to say that is the exact same effort as to align your Divine Radiance with the Divine Radiance of the Mother. They are the same.

I can’t leave you today without expressing my own gratitude to all of you in this circle as you come together to build, to develop, to shine your own Divine Radiance. As a sacred circle, it’s a wonder to behold! We love you all. Carry on with our blessings and our love. Farewell.