[The image below is the closest to how my Higher Self, Samuel, appears to me, except his garments are white or cream, and his hair is completely white … and he doesn’t have pointy ears!  🤣 — Rob]

Rob: I see myself walking on the pathway toward the home of my Higher Self, so I guess that’s who I’m gonna meet. He meets me on the roadway. He hugs me, and then we turn around and start walking together.

So Samuel, thank you for joining me. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. So do you have anything to add to my team’s conversation about establishing Sacred Union with yourself? I guess it’s fitting that I would be meeting with you on this …

Samuel: That’s right, Rob, because I AM yourself! The point here is that there is no such thing as NOT being in Sacred Union with yourself. We are always together. You are a part of me, and, therefore, I am part of you. The notion of Sacred Union (as you are learning) is nothing more than acknowledging that, becoming aware of that.

As you have been discussing, the challenge for you, the task you have set for yourself, is how to increase that awareness in your day-to-day walk through life. And I applaud the notion that you should apply simple rituals, a couple of go-to practices that you can do silently towards yourself, towards anyone else that you see, towards any situation, no matter how big or how small. I would encourage you to just pick a couple and do them over and over again, anytime it occurs to you. The shorter the better.

Yes, you allow yourself to be distracted by so much of what’s around you, so keep it short. Keep it sweet — and I do mean that in the sense of sweetness. As Saint Germaine has said, projecting, emitting, shining the Violet Flame is very simple … and it’s extremely effective!

You have already set your intention that anytime you see a time on a clock — your combinations of ones and fours — to take that as an opportunity to breathe the Love. But then, whatever is before you, shine the flame. It only takes a moment.

Rob: [Pause] I am sensing internally a swirling pattern, swirling clockwise. What is that?

Samuel: That, Rob, is simply a reflection, a perception of the energy that is always within you. Everything is energy. All intention is energy and is directed by your intention.

Rob: [Pause] I feel like there was something else to say, but I’m not coming up with it. I got distracted by playing in this swirls …

Teammate: May I ask a question?

Rob: Certainly.

Teammate: Is there any ritual that Rob, on a soul level, has used from lifetime-to-lifetime that would be beneficial for him to know now?

Rob: I’m getting this image of me standing in a field with my arms outstretched up above my head, pulling in the energy of the sun …but more than the sun, the atmosphere, the air itself, everything, pulling it into myself and projecting it down into the earth through my feet. I’m taking from this when I breathe the energy of love coming from above, breathe it into Gaia, no matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing, whether my feet are on the ground or not. Just setting the intention to project that down into Gaia and, at the same time, grounding myself so that I am a conduit of that swirling energy from above to below and back again. Again, this can be so done at any time regardless of where I am.

Thank you, Samuel.