Master Yeshua; Jesus

Rob: So I’m going to my sacred temple, which sits at the top of a pyramid. I’m inviting Yeshua to come in and sit with me and have a conversation. He joins me. He’s on my right, and he invites me to sit on the top step, overlooking the bay and the ocean beyond.

So Yeshi, thank you for joining me. I have a question about charity and the statement about the need to give, to share. Can you expand on that for me, please?

Yeshua: Thank you, Rob. Thank you all for inviting me to sit with you in your sacred circle.

I should point out up front that just being here together on a regular basis is an expression of your own acts of charity. You are giving the wisdom within yourselves to each other, sharing it openly and freely from your heart, which is the way of true communication, true connection, indeed, sacred union.

The whole notion of charity — and yes, we pointed you to that particular statement that it is a need for giving — it goes beyond the desire to give. It is something you feel deep within your heart as that burning desire, the NEED to give. It’s why you are here.

So yes, your question about how this might be linked to the term passion, they are one in the same. Anytime you have a feeling that you need to do something, that IS the passion. That is that burning flame within you to take some action, even if it’s simply to share what you know with those who are ready to receive.

But as you know, in the giving is receiving. As the application of charity acknowledged, the giving flows out from you in the infinity symbol. Whatever you give out will ultimately come back to you as a reflection from the one who received, thus allowing you also to receive. So in the act of giving, there is never any loss. You are not giving up anything, for it will all come back to you, magnified, multiplied, as the receiver has added to that energy and returned it to you.

In that sense, charity, the act of giving, can almost be seen as the selfish act of wanting to receive. This is the way of the world. This is part of the Mother’s plan. It is time now for all of you — all lightworkers; indeed, all humans — to give freely, and the overall vibration of the planet will increase, as each accepts that role. Share what is yours — materially, emotionally, spiritually — and that giving will increase and return to you, increasing the overall vibration of all concerned … and eventually the entire planet and beyond.

I hope this has answered your question.  With that, I will let you go. But know I am never far away. I am always with you. I’m only a thought away. Go with my love. Farewell.