One World

Rob: Thank you, Gi’anna (Gaia), for joining me. Do you have anything to say about beauty and how it might relate to the Infinity Keys diagram (i.e. the conjoining of the Keys to Heaven with the Keys to Self as an infinity symbol)?

AA Gi’anna: Thank you, Rob, for heeding my call. Yes, I sent you the card on Beauty. It’s just a simple reminder of a state of being, of what you’re all trying to achieve. This place where we’re meeting is a perfect example. Look at the beauty around you, sitting here in the grass, admiring the sky, admiring the landscape below you, the water, the sunshine. Isn’t this just beautiful?

As you develop your understanding of the Infinity Keys diagram, I would draw your attention to the end state, the final key of Love. As you flow around the diagram, Love is at the end, for this is the state where we all end up. In reality, it’s the state from which we all start as well, hence the notion of an infinity diagram — it never ends.

But as you’re explaining it, it ends on Love. This is the recognition that you are Love, that all in creation is born from Love, which is the Mother’s Divine Radiance, flowing with the energy from the Father.

And how do you know that you’ve achieved that state of Divine Love? Your heart can be full; you can feel the love for all that’s around you. But you witness that through Beauty.

When you can see beauty in all that’s around you, be it another person, be it in another being, a pet, an animal outside, the grass, the landscape, no matter what it is, the weather. All of that holds within it a sense, a feeling, of beauty. And when you can witness that in all that is around you, then you know you are in a state of Love, for you cannot witness the beauty and admire it without feeling the love of it at the same time. And that brings such an overwhelming feeling of joy!

So as you go about your day-to-day life — wherever you are, whatever you’re doing — look for the beauty, for Beauty is the link to Love, which leads to Joy. Does this make sense?

Rob: It certainly does to me.

AA Gi’anna: I would like to also welcome and thank your teammates for joining you. Do you have any questions?

Teammate: Well, I’m sitting here very, very joyful because you have moved me from Beauty to Love to Joy. It’s so wonderful to witness this connection and to feel it … and to know that, yes, this is how it works, because I was sitting here wondering how does energy become Love? How does Beauty become Joy? These things. So I love the way you’re explaining it as energy moving and we just perceive it differently? Or it affects our physical body, each part of it affects our physical body in a slightly different way. Why do we give different names to all this energy if energy is Love?

AA Gi’anna: Everyone, those who are doing the perceiving, all have their own way; all have their own strengths, their own methods for perceiving that energy.

I sent the card to Rob on Beauty because, as he often says, he has a hard time feeling those emotions. Love, while it is a manifestation of the energy, sometimes for him it is hard to feel directly that sense of Love. It’s easy with family and friends and his teammates to feel that, but in other situations (out and about), he doesn’t often acknowledge, understand, feel the Love. But if he focuses on the Beauty, this will be the connection ultimately to the feeling.

At the end of the day, that’s what we’re all seeking. So focusing on Beauty is simply a means, a facility, to find the love that’s within you. Again, it is different for all who are perceiving. Does that make sense?

Teammate: It does, and I’m getting an image that the Beauty can be both the key and the keyhole and that there’s something really wonderful about the keyholeness of your physical presence that allows us to go within, somehow, and experience more.

AA Gi’anna: The image of the keyhole … understand, the keys fit in the keyhole to your heart, that balance point between self and heaven.

Teammate: Thank you.

AA Gi’anna: With that, I will leave you now. Thank you so much for all that you’re doing.

Teammate: So grateful to speak with you, Gi’anna, dear Mother Earth.

AA Gi’anna: Thank you. Go with my love. Farewell.