Rob Loveland

SpiritLife Coach

My Story

My spiritual journey started in high school when my father got me interested in prophesies about the future, but it really took off when I was in college.  I found a book about Edgar Cayce’s readings, specifically Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man, by Lytle Robinson. The story just rang true for me, and I found the prospect of a hidden history of man to be very intriguing!  That began a long, meandering journey of study through the Edgar Cayce readings to the Law of One material, then Gary Renard’s Disappearance of the Universe, A Course in Miracles, David Wilcock (Divine Cosmos), on to the Golden Age of Gaia blog, which ultimately led me to Linda Dillon and the Council of Love (COL).  

 After studying all this, I’m convinced that all sources teach the same message, but each approach it from a slightly different perspective and with a different focus.  I’ve come to learn that “being spiritual” is really about understanding who you are, why you are here, and what role you are already playing.

But I grew tired of studying. I share Stephen Trevor Rich’s assessment that “I feel like Im in Gods waiting room and Ive read all the magazines.  It’s clear to me that the COL offers us the playbook, so I moved into practical application to become a certified Council of Love Teacher and SpiritLife Coach.

After a long career in government as a computer scientist, I have a sense of what motivates people.  I was a “technical” guy, and as a result, I’ve learned how to communicate spiritual concepts to technically-minded people. If I could fully embrace my spiritual side, so can you!  And once you do, you will see just how powerful you are!

As a COL Teacher and SpiritLife Coach, I’m well equipped to set you on a path that will surely change your life.  In fact, most recently I’ve learned how to channel messages from the COL, something I would not have thought possible a year ago.  You see, we all hold within us the power to access our multi-dimensional spirit to create the life we want!  Through the COL’s guidance, you will realize that you ARE in total control! That realization will bring peace of mind and peace of heart.

I live in the Baltimore area and am an avid sailor, crewing in weekly northern Chesapeake Bay yacht club races, while also day-sailing my own 24-ft trimaran, Alicin.”  As every sailor knows, an epic sailing adventure begins with charting your course.  In that sense, I am a Spiritual Navigator, teaching others how to navigate a course toward spiritual awakening by finding their own internal, spiritual GPS.  I can teach you how to set a course for your own life.

It would be my honor to embark with you on a voyage of discovery, guided by the true north” of your own inner compass.  Wont you join me on an adventure of a lifetime?