The Infinity Keys


A Roadmap for Finding Ourselves in Heaven (Or Finding Heaven Within Our Self)

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THE INFINITY KEYS webinar combines the Council of Love’s Keys to Heaven with the newly inspired Keys to Self, creating a pathway for YOU, the Nova Gaian, to realize that WE ARE LOVE!
The Keys to Heaven include Love, Trust, Forgiveness, Unity, Connectedness and Balance. The Keys to Self add the energies of Passion, Surrender, Alignment, Humility and Hope. While the lessons found in the Keys to Heaven enable you to enter into Heaven, the Keys to Self set you on the path to the spiritual truths that open the heart, so the threshold of Heaven is revealed and accessible.
As acknowledged in the Universal Law of As Above – So Below / As Within – So Without, Heaven is found within the Self; we simply have to accept that we’re already there … and never actually left! But how do we truly understand and live this mind-boggling perspective? That’s where we can shine the light for each other.
THE INFINITY KEYS webinar offers a practical guide to every key and the relationships between them to benefit your life choices. The clarity and flow of the NEW INFINITY KEYS is brilliantly appealing, offering insights to even the most advanced spiritual student. We are sure you’ll love it!